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Photo of project layout, displaying statistics and charts containing project data.

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"Recolonization of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Fishes Downstream of Passive Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Sites" displays that the improvements to water quality discharge from Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) remediation sites can be monitored and ultimately quantified through routine monitoring. The goal of remediation is to improve the biological health of the stream, ultimately improving the health of the entire watershed.  Sites were sampled upstream of treated effluent and at the mouth of five streams: Swamp Run, Smooth Rock Lick, Herods Run, Lambert Run and West Run. Stream conditions were evaluated using WVDEPs West Virginia Stream Condition Index (WVSCI) and compared to prior data (where applicable) to evaluate if there are improvements following the success of the passive AMD treatment system installation.  

                           Photo showing a chart with WVSCI Scores in Control vs Treated Sites

This evidence suggests that overall the remediation efforts are proving to be successful. We can come to this conclusion because of all the similarities made between the control and treated sites. In this study, similarities are recognized as “good” because this means that the AMD water which has been treated is functionally resembling the control, which is unimpacted by AMD.

                         This project was funded by the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation

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