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Freshwater Ecosystems

Water and chemistry

Do you know what a watershed is? Ever wonder how scientists collect water samples and measure water quality? By participating in our Freshwater Ecosystem activities you’ll measure common water chemistry parameters using modern technology. If you want an in-depth learning experience? Sign up for our guided water testing activity at the WVOLL tent located in Boulder Cove (this activity has limited space so don’t wait).

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Environmental Science

Freshwater resources

YSI Location
Instructions to Connect to Water Quality Sonde (pdf)
Lake Water Quality Measurements Sheet (pdf)
Water Chemistry pH Graph (pdf)

Freshwater species pictures

Mayfly, similar to cricket body, featuring many legs.

Mayfly larvae
(Photo credit Ian Alexander via Wikimedia Commons)

Stonefly featuring a cricket like body with long antennas on both ends.

Stonefly larvae
(Photo credit Ian Alexander via Wikimedia Commons)

Caddisfly featuring a long brown body with few legs similar to a worm.


Zooplankton viewed in microscope with transparent appearance.

(recovered from Goodrich Lake)