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Drinking Water Resources

Drinking Water Resources 

If you have technical questions or are interested in WVWRI's assistance with a drinking water-related study, please contact

Funding Opportunities

West Virginia Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund (DWTRF)

Typical DWTRF projects include water treatment plant upgrades, distribution and storage upgrades, and extensions of existing systems. Projects solely for economic growth, recreational and commercial facilities or projects solely for fire protection are not eligible for DWTRF assistance.

Wellhead and Source Water Protection Grants

The Wellhead Protection and Source Water Protection Grant Programs are designed to provide funding for the development and implementation of local wellhead and source water protection programs; as well as, the enhancement of physical security.

WVWRI Drinking Water Projects

TTHM Investigation in Southwestern Pennsylvania | 2015-2016
Drinking Water Treatment Methods to Reduce THM | 2018-2019
Drinking Water Treatment Methods to Reduce THM Continuation | 2020-2021

Learn More:

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WVWRI, 2022. Disinfection Byproducts in the Monongahela River Basin. White Paper WRI 2022.

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WVWRI, 2020. Monongahela: Trihalomethane (THM) Story Map

Mirza, N., 2019. Minimizing Trihalomethane Formation through Source Water Monitoring and Optimizing Treatment Practices (MS). West Virginia University Libraries.

PA – WV Drinking Water Issues: Virtual Meeting Series

Through the above projects, WVWRI found that it was in a unique role to facilitate needed conversations and information sharing between drinking water operators, regulatory officials, and researchers. To facilitate these conversations, we launched the PA – WV Drinking Water Issues: Virtual Meeting Series. This three-part series took place between October and November of 2021. To watch session recordings, please click here.