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Three Rivers QUEST

The 3 Rivers QUEST (3RQ) program brings together academic researchers and watershed-based groups to monitor important water quality data within the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Upper Ohio River basins. The resultant long-term water chemistry dataset has proven valuable in identifying and managing pollution from various industries and validating long-term improvements due to management changes. Data is made available to the public via online maps. View the maps and learn more on the 3RQ website.

This free tool was developed by 3RQ to compile environmental spatial data from government agencies, 3RQ and its member organizations, NGOs, and more-- all in one convenient place with the goal of studying environmental datasets across state lines within the Upper Ohio River Basin. Data layers are owned and maintained by the data sources and are updated automatically in the tool, where possible.

Acid Mine Drainage Remediation Projects

The National Mine Land Reclamation Center (NMLRC) focuses on developing and testing acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment methods and assisting watershed groups in completing AMD restoration projects. These systems include alkaline amendment, passive treatment, coal ash and steel slag applications, as well as watershed-scale treatment options. Additional research efforts of the NMLRC include biofuel production on reclaimed lands and the utilization of AMD waste products as soil amendments.