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What does the Energy Division do?

The Energy Division at the West Virginia Water Research Institute has completed over fifteen projects, such as the West Run Watershed Based Plan and the West Virginia Stormwater Program Assessment. Since 1998, the division has also produced multiple publications regarding acid mine drainage. They are actively working on three projects through the National Mine Land Reclamation Center. 

What is the National Mine Land Reclamation Center?

The National Mine Land Reclamation Center (NMLRC) was formed in 1988 by Congress. This Center was formed to resolve the following problems that are in relation to active and abandoned coal mines, Acid Mine Drainage, Prime Farmland Restoration, Subsidence Control, and Groundwater Degradation. The Center functions as a program development agency, an administrative unit and a research unit. The Center is funded through grants and contracts with private, state and federal agencies. The NMLRC has become an internationally-recognized leader in the area of acid mine drainage.

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