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A list of selected publications

  1. Skousen, J., Zipper, C.E., Rose, A., Ziemkiewicz, P.F., Nairn, R., McDonald, L.M., and Kleinmann, R.L. 2017. Review of passive systems for acid mine drainage treatment. Mine Water and the Environment. 36: 133-153. DOI 10.1007/s10230-016-0417-1.
  2. Ziemkiewicz, P.F., Stauffer, P.H., Sullivan-Graham, J., Chu, S.P., Bourcier, W.L., Buscheck, T.A., Carr, T., Donovan, J.J., Jiao, Z.S., Lin, L.S, Song, L.S., Wagoner, J.L. 2016. Opportunities for Increasing CO2 Storage in Deep, Saline Aquifers by Active Reservoir Management and Treatment of Extracted Formation Water: Case study at the GreenGen IGCC Facility, Tianjin, PR China, Int’l J. Greenhouse Gas Control 54: 538-556.
  3. He, Y.T., and Ziemkiewicz, P.F. 2016. Bias in determining aluminum concentrations: Comparison of digestion methods and implications on Al management. Chemosphere 159: 570-576.
  4. Hopkinson, L.C., Sears, A.E., Snyder, M., O’Leary, E., DePriest, N., Quaranta, J.D. and Ziemkiewicz, P.F. 2015. Simulating the hydrologic response when streams are incorporated in valley-fill design. Int’l J. Mining, Reclamation and Environment. DOI: 10.1080/17480930.2015.1105180
  5. Merriam, E. R., Petty, J. T., Strager, M. P., Maxwell, A. E. and Ziemkiewicz, P. F. (2015), Complex contaminant mixtures in multistressor Appalachian riverscapes. Environ Toxicol Chem, 4: 2603–2610. doi:10.1002/etc.3101.
  6. Ziemkiewicz, P.F. and He, Y.T. 2015. Evolution of water chemistry during Marcellus shale gas development: A case study in West Virginia. Chemosphere 134:224-231. 
  7. He, Y.T., Noble, A and Ziemkiewicz, P.F. 2015. Investigation of MCHM transport mechanisms and fate: Implications for coal beneficiation. Chemosphere 127: 158-163.
  8. Van Aken, B., Quaranta, J.D., Mack B., Yu H., Ducatman, A.M. and Ziemkiewicz P.F. 2014. Environmental contaminants in coal slurry intended for underground injection in the state of West Virginia. J. Environmental Engineering.Vol. 141(1) 05014004. 
  9. Ziemkiewicz, P.F., Quaranta, J.D. and McCawley, M. 2014. Practical measures for reducing the risk of environmental contamination in shale energy production. Environ. Sci: Processes Impacts, 16(7), 1692-1699.
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  11. Skousen, J., Yang, J.E., Lee, J.S. and Ziemkiewicz, P.F. 2013. Review of fly ash as a soil amendment. Geosystem Eng. 16: 249-256


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