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The Water Research Institute specializes in organizing large, multi-disciplinary research projects that require partnerships among faculty both within and outside WVU.  We have extensive experience in water and environmental issues and an extensive network of stakeholders in the public and private sectors.  This allows us to assemble strong research partnerships to compete on the national stage. 

We monitor emerging funding opportunities so that proposal teams can be efficiently organized toward successful proposals. After projects are awarded WRI helps researchers by managing the teams, contracts and finances while organizing deliverables to the funding agencies.

Our research programs include faculty from many disciplines: biology, soils, ecology, spatial analytics, chemistry, engineering, geology, economics/social sciences.  Because national and state research priorities change, often abruptly, WRI is constantly seeking out faculty with the needed research interests.  If you are a new faculty member, we encourage you contact us so that we can help support your research program while strengthening the University’s research base.